Made by nature for athletes

Everyone from the giant swoosh down, repackages polyester as the pinnacle of performance fabrics. But behind the clever names, underneath the powerful branding it’s all the same - plastic. Our approach – take the best materials that nature has to offer, supercharge them with technology and performance features to elevate our training experience. The outcome? Athletic-fitting, naturally-performing and comfort-boosting activewear that makes both you and the planet feel good.


Breathes easy

Tiny pockets in the fibres of the bamboo fabric ('Nanopores') allow your body to breathe naturally. That’s important because the human body needs to maintain its core temperature at safe levels when exercising.

Unlike synthetic fabrics such as polyester, bamboo fabric has the ability to adapt to your changing body temperature - directly impacting your level of comfort as you move.


Less smell

Here’s the science: sweat + skin bacteria = smell. Studies in the Netherlands found that Polyester increases the buildup of Micrococcus bacteria which means that eventually, your clothes stay smelly no matter how much you wash them.

Bamboo fabric reduces the amount of bacteria. Less smell. Happy days.


Comfort unlike anything we're use to

The long, smooth fibres that form bamboo fabric make for an experience of softness that's hard to describe. Imagine a fabric that's softer than Egyptian cotton, with greater tensile strength.


The world's most sustainable plant

Fact: Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and naturally regenerates once it’s been harvested. An acre of self-replenishing bamboo will give 10 times more fabric than cotton, which needs to be replanted annually.


Cleaner all-round

Each time you wash your polyester shirt, plastic fibres are released into the ocean, where they are accumulating by the millions of tonnes. They’re found in everything from the marine life to our own bodies. There's enough of the stuff out there - let's move on, shall we?


Here today, gone tomorrow

Like the other natural stars of the fabric world, bamboo fibre is biodegradable.

Ever wondered where your old shirt ends up when you throw it away? In the earth. For a very long time (if it’s synthetic). Not for long (if it’s bamboo).

Performance redefined with tomorrow in mind.

Premium, organic

Our bamboo is grown organically and doesn’t disturb the natural forestation or wildlife. Just ask OEKO-TEX, OCS and GOTS - they have been there and checked it out.

Lyocell - a cleaner approach

Unlike other conventional methods, lyocell bamboo is made using a closed-loop process that conserves water and minimises its environmental impact.