Surely, the world doesn't need another activewear brand, right? Trust us, we have no intention of adding to the noise.

Move better. Save the World.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this isn’t much of a big idea. And we’d have agreed with you until a few years ago, when we peered under the hood of the activewear industry and found a shiny electric sports car powered by a dirty diesel engine. Behind the clever names and powerful branding, we found a sea of polyester plastic, labelled as 'performance fabrics'.

The thought of wrapping our hot, sweating bodies in plastic just didn’t make sense.

So we turned to nature, the greatest partner on the planet. Fusing the naturally-superior functions of bamboo with a timeless style. We created Airoc for athletes who’ve grown tired of the old, for the movers excited by progress.

No cutting corners. Just epic activewear.